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Howling Wolf Cookie Cutter

Howling Wolf Cookie Cutter

Okay, so, yeah, we totally found this cookie cutter on accident.

We were trying to find some cool Howlin’ Wolf merch on Amazon, so we’d have an excuse to talk about our favorite Blues singer of all time, and we came across this little cookie cutter.

It’s cute, don’t you think?

You’d probably have to get all Pinterest with your cookie icing skills to make sure everyone knows it’s a wolf and not, like, a brontosaurus but you can do that, right?

So back to Howlin’ Wolf…

If you’re one of those people who thinks “old timey music” sounds “funny” or “corny” or whatever, you need to get into Howlin’ Wolf. The dude had a voice that was downright scary and if you see any of the documentaries on him then you’ll learn that he also knew how to party like professional. We always respect that at drunkMall…

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