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Butt Sipper Drink Lid

Butt Sipper Drink Lid

The dream is real!

Every drink you had to drink from a vessel that didn’t look like a butt, every sip through a straw that wasn’t rammed between silicone butt cheeks, all those terrible times your beverage failed to remind you of an ass in your face – it was all worth it.

Because the myButt cup lid is here!

Actually, probably not.

Someone is for real trying to get this funded on Kickstarter. Considering this is the same website that allowed some kid to score $50k to make some potato salad, it’s always possible that this could happen.

But they’re trying to get $10k to make cup lids that look like butts.

That’s a lot of money for something that nobody really asked for and, as of the writing of this post, less than 20 people in the world seem to want.

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