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Demogorgon Polyester Jacket

Demogorgon Polyester Jacket

Raise your hand if you’ve had to explain to more than one person that Stranger Things did not create the Demogorgon.

Now they used that thing because the boys in the show like to play a pretty excessive amount of Dungeons and Dragons but some of you will be surprised to learn that D & D didn’t invent the creature either!

The specific entity may date back as early as the 15th century BC, if you want to get real about it.

And if you want to get real about it then you’ll want to get real about it in this awesome Demagorgon jacket. It’s in that classic polyester style that used to be popular for baseball coaches and band roadies back in the day.

Old school D & D kids will especially love it because the back is covered with Demogorgon art from the game.

Remember, people who compliment the jacket could be up for a campaign!

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