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Enemy Tears Chips Pillow

Enemy Tears Chips Pillow

If the tears of your enemies don’t bring you comfort then you must be a monk. The rest of us need the sodium…

Back in 2013, a very famous brand of potato chip decided to #crowdsource some #flavor #concepts with a #viral #marketing campaign. In English, they asked everyone who likes their chips to create and vote on ideas for new flavors they’d like to try.

It went well.

It went so well that they decided to do the same exact thing again in 2014. This time, the Internet happened.

Trolls came up with a bunch of totally insanely weird “flavors” and these spread around social media like wildfire. Perhaps the most famous of these is The Tears of My Enemies flavor, labeled as “extra salty,” of course.

Here you can get a throw pillow that replicates the famous meme.

[There’s always more dankness to be found in drunkMall’s Magical Meme Marketplace!]

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