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Freudian Slippers

Freudian Slippers

Two things grow more common with age: one’s propensity to wear slippers and the frequency with which one’s true mind leaks from their mouth before a conscious filter can be applied.

The latter act is sometimes referred to as a Freudian slip, especially if the blurted thought is sexual in nature (it usually is), and the former act can be enhanced with a pair of these Freudian Slippers!

The Freudian Slip is named after the famed (and drug-addled and mom obsessed and really just king of weird all around) psychologist Dr. Freud… And these slippers look like his face!

You can put your foot in his mouth!

Get it?

Because you feel like putting your foot in your own mouth after making a Freudian slip but it’s named after…

Ah, you’ll get it when you decide to go back to college in your forties…

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