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LED Shades from The Trinity Schill Kill video


The Trinity Schill Kill is drunkMall’s favorite band making music today. If you like early Prince and Bad/Dangerous-era Michael Jackson, you’ve gotta check ’em out and there’s no better time than right now because they just dropped their first music video!

“Baby, Don’t Fuck This Up” is their brand new single with a hot new music video, featuring some slick dance moves, epic laser gloves, flashy LED shades and some steamy sex scenes. (The song’s great, too, obviously.)

We loved those LED shades so much, we had to track them down and we found the exact same ones used in the video!

LED Shades from The Trinity Schill Kill video


Not so great for blocking out the sun (like, even at all) but wonderful for standing out at a night-time dance party! You can see through the lights without any problem and they are powered by a small battery pack connected via a discreet cable you can run down your back.

The Trinity Schill Kill went with the red/blue colors for the video but you can also get them in blue/green, orange/blue, blue/pink or pink/yellow. That’s a lot of options! Each pair has three light settings: on, slow flash and quick flash.

Get lit up!

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