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Giant Unicorn Pool Float

Giant Unicorn Pool Float

Stand out in the pool like the mythical creature you are with a unicorn float!

Wait, did we say unicorn float?

We meant GIANT unicorn float!

This thing is huge!

Measuring 8 feet long, you might think you need someone in the crew with major lung power to get this unicorn blown up but hang on a second. You can actually get it inflated with a hairdryer! So if you’re taking this thing on vacation then most hotel rooms will already have you covered!

Look closely at the photo and you can the young lady is holding onto two handles located on the sides of the unicorn’s neck. If someone’s making waves in the pool, you should have no problem hanging on to your float and keeping your mount!

Now all you have to think about is where to get rainbow hair dye so you can match your unicorn’s mane…

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