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Beer Bread Mix

Beer Bread Mix

Bake a fresh loaf of bread at home using your favorite beer!

Making bread from scratch isn’t that big of a deal. Just hardly anyone does it because you’ve got to go to the grocery store anyways and they’ve got an entire wall of bread right there so it’s super easy to grab a bag and roll on home.


Everyone should make bread at home at least once in their life and now you have a really good excuse to try it – beer bread kits! Called “soberdough” brew bread, it’s a bag of the pre-mixed dry ingredients of a bread recipe. All you have to do is add a 12 ounce bottle of whatever beer you like (or water, if you’re on this website and somehow not a drinker), mix it up good and bake it for less than an hour.

Three different recipes are available – let us know which ones you try!

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