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Hemp Soap on a Rope

Hemp Soap on a Rope

Clean your body with good soap and good vibes, using this soap on a rope made with pure hemp seed oil.

“Wait, aren’t you a drunk shopping website? What’s with the stoner gear?”

Well, first, don’t be a narc. Second, hemp doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with THC, maaaan. Watch a documentary, maaaan. Listen to some Joe Rogan podcasts or something, maaaan.

This is a¬†product from The Body Shop, so it’s a gentle, non-irritating soap. Hempseed oil has moisturizing properties. And, you’ve gotta give it to them for knowing their audience because putting the soap on a rope makes this a very convenient solution for keeping proper hygiene without access to a standard indoor plumbing. In other words, if you’re taking a shower at a music festival (like Bonnaroo) then having your soap on a rope keeps you from needing to set it down anywhere that could be gross.


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