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Furry Gizmo Koozie

Furry Gizmo Koozie

Most adorable koozie ever?

Yeah, maybe.

But Gremlins also perfectly encapsulates what is so awesome about movie nights. You take some outlandish (and mostly nonsensical) concept, like cute creatures that can turn into vicious monsters if ridiculous rules are broken, then let it play out the only way it can – it’s entertainment perfection!

Even if you’re not just watching Gremlins every night, this Gizmo koozie is still what you want to be holding during the show. It sets the tone for a fun night and reminds everyone that you’re there to share moments like the ones you recall from childhood.

The furry body of the koozie lets your hand stay warm and dry while a neoprene inner sleeve keeps the beverage cold. Gizmos cutie pie face is on the front and he’s even got some ears protruding from the sides!

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