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Chin Hammock

Chin Hammock

Trying to catch some shuteye on long journeys is nothing short of a nightmare for most people.

See, it’s mostly an issue of gravity and stasis.

The physical effects of gravity often prevent a comfortable degree of stasis when trying to fall asleep in most transit situations.

Ask anyone who’s ever tried to sleep in a coach section airplane seat or, heaven forbid, a greyhound passenger seat. The fatigue is there. The desire for R.E.M. rest is there. And perhaps you’re able to al-most-get-there… But the submission to sleep causes the weight of your cranium to fall forward abruptly and you jerk awake, yet again, unrested and irritable.

No more, this torture!

Some kind souls have made it their mission to fund the manufacturing of a wondrous invention. A chin hammock, if you will.

Strap your head to any seat with a headrest with a cushy pillow and get some much needed sleep!

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