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Grumpy Care Bear sticker

Grumpy Care Bear sticker

Of the ten original Care Bears (and don’t even pretend like any other Care Bears matter), Grumpy Bear is 100% the best bear. Every other bear was basically the same, happy bear!

Grumpy Bear is the only Care Bear with a unique personality and a realistic one at that. His character had a depth that was missing from the other bears and he always told it like it was without any sugar coating. He really isn’t that bad of a guy! He just suffers from Resting Bear Face…

He was always there to help stop Professor Coldheart, which Grumpy wouldn’t ever do if his own heart was really cold, so you know he really did care just as much as the other Care Bears.

Show your love for Grumpy with one of these stickers. They come in three sizes, from a tiny 3″ to an “average sized” 6″ and a whopping 10″.

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