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Teddy Brosevelt Long-Sleeve Shirt

Teddy Brosevelt Long-Sleeve Shirt

Here’s something you may not know about Teddy Roosevelt: When he was campaigning in 1912, someone shot him in the chest. Since he didn’t die, Teddy decided he was fine and went ahead to give his scheduled 90-minute speech.

That’s tough. He was fit as a fiddle, too. Boxing was his preferred form of exercise, until a good punch detached one of his retina and left him blind in that eye. After that, he kept it pretty chill by practicing jiu-jitsu and swimming butt-naked in the Potomac in the middle of Winter. All men reading this currently feel like less of a man but that’s okay – Theodore Roosevelt had a kind heart, too.

The story goes he was on a bear hunt that didn’t seem like it would be successful. Some of his guides managed to go find an old bear and get it tied up to a tree for the President to safely shoot. When this was brought to his attention, Theodore refused to shoot the bear. After hearing this story, a Brooklyn toy maker asked President Roosevelt for permission to call the toy bears he was making “Teddy’s bears” and the rest is history.

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