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Home Alone: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Home Alone: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Macauley Culkin came out of nowhere last month to remind the Internet that he hasn’t yet died from a (pizza) overdose, so that’s nice.

We didn’t think that video was that funny, honestly, but that was prob because of the Anna Chlumsky reference at the beginning, which reminded us of My Girl and made us all sad.

But, whatever, we aren’t in charge of the viral video machine and that’s okay. At least Daniel Stern got some more attention out of it.

It’s been a long, strange trip for Kevin McCallister, no doubt. And here’s where it all started, the original Home Alone, which just turned 25 years old! (It’s not depressing. It’s fine. It’s totally fine and not depressing to get old.)

The 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes:

  • 5 Home Alone films, 3 of which we never knew existed
  • 2+ hours of special features
  • a Christmas tree ornament
  • a fake spider
  • Wet Bandits “Wanted” poster
  • a poster of Kevin’s “Battle Plan”

And all of that stuff is, of course, packaged in a paint can!

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