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Extremely Offensive Party Game

Extremely Offensive Party Game

This is the worst game ever made.

Hey, calm down. We’re not saying that. The manufacturer of the game says it!

Wow… Can’t believe you were gonna be a bitch like that and go try to tell on us. Maybe this game isn’t really even for you.

You sure?

Well, alright.

If you pride yourself on never having been #triggered a day in your life, well, this party game wants to see if you’ve got a little bit of snowflake in you after all!

Disturbed Friends is a party game with a very simple concept. One player draws a card with a multiple choice question on it and all of the other players vote on what answer they think that player will choose. The twist is that the questions are insanely fucked up. Like, truly disturbing stuff.

There’s also nudity.

Basically this game is for bad people. It should be banned.

Oh, here we go again…

Seriously! Even the people who make the game say it should be banned!

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