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Airplane Seatbelt Belt

Airplane Seatbelt Belt

Even if you haven’t joined the Mile High Club yet, you can take a fashion tip from those jet airliners with this unique and stylish belt. It looks like someone ransacked a grounded 747 and cut all the seatbelts out to turn them into belts. For all we know, that’s exactly what happened because there literally appears to be no difference between these belts and the seatbelt on a passenger airplane.

Maybe you travel a ton for business and you’ve grown bored with it but for many people that moment of buckling a seatbelt on an airplane means they’re on their way to a vacation destination for some rare moments of luxury in their otherwise mundane life. So this belt could be a way to feel like every day is a journey!

The belt will be functionally useful for those of you living with bladder or bowel issues. Just like an airplane seatbelt, one quick pull releases the catch on the buckle. All you gotta do after that is get your bathroom parts out of your pants and handle business!

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