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Cheap Lionel Richie Mask

Cheap Lionel Richie Mask

Lionel Richie has one of the most warm and kind public personas of anyone in the music business.

That makes this weird, cheap mask of his face with its cutout eyes all the more disturbing by contrast. It’s like some horror movie about extraterrestrial or demonic possession starring a guy you’d want to be your neighbor and he ends up being the first victim.

You don’t even have to wear this mask for it to be creepy. Just set it on a bookshelf somewhere or hang it on a hat rack. You’ll see.

It’s the eyes.

The cold and dead absence of eyeholes were human nature should be seen shining through…

And you know a mask capable of being so unsettling on its own could do some real damage to your personal and professional relationships when implemented┬áby an OG prankster such as yourself…

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