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Dinosaur Headlamp

Dinosaur Headlamp

Keep your adventures safe with hands-free lighting from a dinosaur headlamp!

When you’re out there roaming the jungle on quests, you can’t be wasting the use of an entire hand just to carry a flashlight around. Under that canopy cover of dense foliage, all manner of predatory creature may be lurking in this shadow here or that one over there. Should there be an attack, you’ll want a weapon in that hand rather than a source of light.

But you will still need that source of light and that’s where this headlamp comes into play.

Letting everyone know you mean serious business, this headlamp boasts a fearsome carnivorous dinosaur head at the front with a bright white light shining out of its open jaws to light the path before you!

Keep it together out there, adventurers.

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