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WTF: Situational Survival Guide

WTF: Situational Survival Guide

From the second we’re born, this life is one WTF moment after another…

WTF? is a book that claims to show us “How to Survive 101 of Life’s Worst Fucking Situations” From the description, the types of situations seem to be more like an overdraft fee from your bank, a fast food employee getting your order wrong or your computer dying…

Those are annoying and sometimes stressful situations, sure. If you have anger management issues, it’s possible this book can help you learn to deal with these situations in better ways so they don’t bother you the rest of the day.

If your “wtf” moment is more along the lines of your parents sitting you down to tell you they aren’t your real parents and they found you in a space capsule that crash landed in the backyard, the book hasn’t been written that can tell you how to deal with that.

But for now, there’s this!

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