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Programmable Bicycle Lights

Programmable Bicycle Lights

Bike safety has never been such a party!

The Monkey Light is a system of 32 individual LED lights that can be programmed to shine in 16 different colors in 42 different themes for literally hundreds of possible combinations. And at 200 lumens, you will be visible when riding at night.

This whole post kinda feels like a 45 year old man trying to explain Snapchat to a group of 17 year olds. Y’all already know about this thing don’t you? You can’t even find a picture taken at Burning Man without seeing a Monkey Light bike in the background somewhere.

The full range of designs you can program is very impressive. Abstract swirls and patterns are neat, sure. But you can also hook your wheels up with stars, lightning bolts, swirling atoms… Even space invaders!

Trip out your bike today and send us pics or vids of your best designs.

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