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One-Tenth Scale Ark of The Covenant

One-Tenth Scale Ark of The Covenant

We watch Indiana Jones movies a lot here at drunkMall HQ, so we feel pretty qualified to say that this scale model of the Ark of the Covenant is very accurate.

This probably exists because…

Well, actually, there’s no telling why this exists. Maybe there are people out there who really like collecting little models of things talked about in the bible?

Anyway, it’s built to be one-tenth the size of the Ark that was described in scripture. So, again, based on everything we know about life from watching Indiana Jones movies, you could possibly use this to clear out an infestation of 1/10th size Nazis from your apartment or something.

Just remember not to look at the Ark yourself once the lid has been removed or else a bunch of real ugly stuff that plastic surgery can’t fix might happen to one tenth of your body.

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