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Murder Shoes

Murder Shoes

Oh, these shoes are deadly!

You’ll be killing it all night in this pair of white dress shoes that look like they caught some serious blood splatter.

Recommended for fans of Dexter, American Psycho, Hannibal…

You know, pretty much any TV show where a person was murdered on a plastic tarp or dismembered with a hacksaw or had their organs removed and eaten. You know, freaky shit like that.

These would be a great addition to all sorts of Halloween costumes or you could just wear them out to your local Goth Night!

The lace-up shoes are made well, very comfortable and available in both white (with blood splatter) or black (with blood splatter). The white ones obviously stand out much more than the black ones but either color should be good for some double takes from strangers.

Bloody fashionable, too!

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