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Smartphone Screen Protector

Smartphone Screen Protector

This one’s a no-brainer: alcohol + smartphone = whoops!

Give your smartphone an added layer of protection from yourself (and your other self) with a screen shield. We stopped paying attention to these a few years ago because they all sucked but it looks like there have been some huge improvements made recently…

  • High-Impact Protection: 5x stronger than Gorilla Glass
  • Ultra-Transparent: easy to forget it’s even there
  • Scratch-Proof: special coating provides hardness up to 3H (w/e that means)
  • Anti-Fingerprint: Really?! This alone is worth the price, for us.

Does anyone know if you can still take one of these to a phone store and have it put on by a professional? That’s the part we always screw up. Probably because of our weird hands.

Anyway, yeah, who needs a screen shield?

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