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New Year’s Eve Photo Props

New Year's Eve Photo Props

We’re almost to the finish line in the marathon gauntlet that’s been the year 2016!

You know what that means?!

It’s almost time for everyone to realize that human beings made up this calendar year bullshit and 2017 will be exactly the same as 2016 but worse.

But before that happens we’re gonna hold on as tight as we can to that delusion and party our asses off for an entire weekend – it’s New Year’s Eve, bitches!

Get your hair looking good and make sure you’ve got a sweet outfit picked out because NYE is also International Selfie Night. Everyone’s drinking so much that the photos will be the only proof the night ever happened.

Add some bonus flair to those selfies and ussies with a mega pack of photo props. This 59 piece kit has a bunch of different card cutouts that you place on the included bamboo sticks and hold up to give yourself funny glasses or a moustache or a hat or whatever…

Grab one while there’s still time!


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