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Earthworm Jerky

Earthworm Jerky

Hey, adventurous eaters, we found a new snack for you to try…

This isn’t some kind of beef jerky shaped like earthworms for kids.

This is a bag of earthworms. For you to eat. With your human mouth.

Apparently, earthworm jerky is made by taking worms out of the ground (hence their name) and then grilling them. Which, the grilling part of the process is really the one that raises questions…

Are we talking a backyard grill rack draped with worms?

Like, how does this work?

In any case, after the earthworms are grilled, they get dried in an oven, presumably to give them that “jerky” texture. And at some point in all of this, they have a chili lime marinade happen to them which provides the flavor.

So, yeah, if anyone tries this then be sure to let us know how it went…

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