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WTF Stamp

WTF Stamp

How many times have you been looking at some bullshit ass paperwork and just wanted to scrawl a huge WHAT THE FUCK over the whole thing before sending it back to the person who wrote it?

Well now you can! And it’s even way easier than all of that writing it by hand business – just use a stamp!

This is a self-inking stamp (meaning you don’t need an ink pad) that throws the letters “WTF” onto paper with a simple press (or light but aggravated slam) of your hand on the top.

But wait. There’s more.

To customize your response, the stamp includes three checkboxes for letting the recipient know exactly what kind of WTF it is that you’re sending. There’s WTF!, WTF?, WTF!? or you can go all out and check every box for a big ol’ WTF!?!?

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