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Blair’s 2am Reserve Hot Sauce

Blair's 2am Reserve Hot Sauce

You don’t need to own this.

Nobody needs to own this.

There’s really no reason that this needs to exist, honestly.

Like, if your life has gotten to the point where this is the kind of purchase you’re considering, then something went weird at some point. Some wires got crossed or there was some sort of nervous/neural damage at some point.

Have you ever seen the web series Hot Ones?

It’s fucking incredible.

The host and his guest do an interview while eating increasingly hotter hot wings. The final sauce on that show – the hottest hot sauce they use – is called Blair’s Mega Death Sauce. It’s about, like, 100 times hotter than an average jalapeƱo. Don’t get it wrong, that’s extremely hot. When you see someone wild out after eating that, they are not playing at all.

This bottle of pain and fury?

It’s at least twice as hot as that!

We’re talking over half a million Scoville units.

This isn’t a “hot sauce.”

This is what you use 1/2 a teaspoon of to make a gallon of hot sauce.

If you’re a super crazy person, you can use 1 drop in a shot of tequila to make the hottest prairie fire shot you’ve ever had in your life.

Anyway, you were warned.

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