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90s Cup Design High Tops

90s Cup Design High Tops

If this design doesn’t automatically call to mind memories you thought you forgot of filling up your soda cup with a hit from every beverage dispenser in the machine, sorry about your shitty childhood…

Commonly known as the “jazz cup” design, these colorful squiggles were plastered on the sides of cheap paper cups used in restaurants, burger spots, sporting event concession stands and basically everywhere that had a drink machine and wasn’t a franchise of a major chain with their own branded cups.

This design was for the spots who were in business for themselves, the places that were a little more likely to put up with the noise and nuisance of a group of kids hanging around for several hours because, hey, it was money in the register.

That’s why we all have such fond memories when we see this retro artwork and it’s now available in a hightop sneaker right here!

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