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GIFTS: Dragon Stuff!

Dragon Stuff

The whole world’s got dragon fever and it’s really starting to get hot!

For many of us, it started at a young age. It could have been one of the dragons in The Sword and The Stone, Sleeping Beauty, Dragonheart, Reign of Fire or even Dragonslayer for you old folks.

The dragon thread is still running strong in today’s hottest #content, naturally. (Or supernaturally.) We’ve seen amazing dragons in The Hobbit, the Pete’s Dragon remake, How to Train Your Dragon and of course…

#1 GoT Dragon Clutch

GoT Dragon Clutch

Game of Thrones is the reason dragons are so popular right now. We don’t have to pretend anything else. Hell, plenty of people weren’t even sure how they felt about the first season of the show until SPOILER ALERT: that final scene of the final episode when, guess what y’all: dragons!

Now you, too, can be a mother of dragons with your very own, officially licensed Game of Thrones Dragon Wing Clutch!

Now we wait for them to make an Ice Dragon version…

#2 Embroidered Dragon Robe

Embroidered Dragon Robe

Getting caught up in the hype of fresh new shows, it’s easy to forget these themes are not new but very very old.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

The mythology of dragons seems to have evolved in both European and Asian countries independently of each other. So maybe dragons used to be real or something?

This kimono-style robe features lovely embroidery of a dragon and landscape on the back.

#3 Dragon Sex Calendar for 2018

Dragon Sex Calendar for 2018

Listen, this isn’t even that weird.

There are terrifying lairs on this here Internet full of scaly, penetrative things.

A full year’s worth of dragon erotica on a 2018 calendar?

Yeah, it’s different. But different can be good… Real good…

#4 GoT Dragon Eggs Shaker Set

GoT Dragon Eggs Shaker Set

Like we said at the top, Game of Thrones is the big deal right now, keeping the dragon mythology alive and bringing some really cool swag to the market.

This dining table set looks like those three dragon eggs given to a young Khaleesi as a wedding gift. There’s a salt shaker and pepper shaker plus an egg that comes apart to reveal a supply of toothpicks!

#5 Be a Dragon Coffee Mug

Be a Dragon Coffee Mug

And we recently saw fan favorite Olenna Tyrell give that same Khaleesi some excellent advice: “You’re a Dragon. Be a Dragon.”

Now you may not literally be a dragon in that same sense but surely you can find a little bit of dragon somewhere inside you. If you need some help, here’s a pleasantly pink coffee mug with the three-headed Targaryen dragon and that inspiring quote on the side.

#6 Dragon Race Board Game

Dragon Race Board Game

Some people think of dragons as terrifying creatures, monsters even.

Make them angry or threaten a person they care about and you will certainly feel their fiery wrath. But anyone who’s ever become close with a dragon can tell you how much fun the friendship is!

Have a good time with human friends and dragons playing Dragonrace, the multiplayer dragon board game!

#7 Dragon Skull Sculpture

Dragon Skull Sculpture

Even though most narratives containing dragons take place in, let’s say “alternate” timelines, there almost always seems to be an “ancient” quality to the world we see them in or at least the dragons themselves are seen as hundreds, if not thousands of years old.

Obviously you’d keep those ancient dragon’s skeletons around because they’re freakin’ awesome, so this large sculpture lets you have a lifelike dragon skull in your garden or inside your home.

#8 Dungeons & Dragons Socks

Dungeons & Dragons Socks

Some of you old school geeks have a little resentment for how popular this stuff is when you were made fun of for liking it back in high school. It can sometimes feel like a lot of people tweeting Stranger Things cast pics in 2017 would have been beating those kids up at the time but, hey, chalk it up to progress.

For everyone who was afraid of the demogorgon a long, long time ago, these Dungeons & Dragons socks have a retro tube sock look and are very comfortable!

#9 Dragon Earring

Dragon Earring

Flying and fire, danger and death from above – these ideas get the blood rushing!

Dare we say, dragons are sexy? (Scroll back up to the calendar if you think otherwise…)

Make sure you want to stand out from the crowd before purchasing this jewelry because it is certainly an eye-catching piece.

It’s sort of a cross between an ear stud and an ear cuff. Like an ear cuff, the pewter dragon curls around your upper ear but you will need pierced lobes for the dragon’s tail to fit thru.

What a look!

#10 Glass Top Dragon Table

Glass Top Dragon Table

Dragons and lairs sort of go hand-in-hand. Most people who have a dragon have a lair.

Any ordinary home can be transformed into a lair with this foreboding yet convenient glass-topped dragon table!

Most of the dragon’s body is under the tabletop, providing a strong base with the dragon’s claws supporting the round glass piece that fits around the dragon’s neck like a collar. The dragon’s head is above glass for everyone to see.

#11 Garden Gnome Dragon Massacre

Garden Gnome Dragon Massacre

There are other mystical creatures in any universe with dragons…

White walkers, trolls, unicorns, fairies, gnomes…

You may think gnomes are cute because you’ve seen them casually hanging out in gardens, seeming to cause no trouble at all but apparently dragons would not agree!

This lawn ornament shows a red dragon spitting fire at a group of gnomes – we can only assume they must have been up to no good.

#12 The Complete Book of Dragons

The Complete Book of Dragons

Dragonology is “the study of dragons,” according to Dr. Drake, the author of The Complete Book of Dragons.

If there’s anything you’ve been wanting to know about dragons, it’s either in the pages of this book or it is not known. But this book is more like an experience than an ordinary book. Some pages have samples of dragon wings, dragon scales and dragon skin. It comes with a sealed envelope containing a dragon-calling spell and a booklet of dragon riddles to stimulate meditation on dragons!

#13 Dragon Head Mugs

Dragon Head Mugs

The true test of an awesome drinking vessel can be summed up with one question: would a wizard drink from this?

When it comes to this dragon head mug, the answer is very much yes.

Available in red or black, the mug is made from microwave- and dishwasher-safe ceramic. It holds 20 oz. of liquid and can rest on the stylish handle to display the detail of the dragon’s head when not in use.

#14 Mummy Dragon Prop

Mummy Dragon Prop

Sorry if the sudden shift in tone disturbed anyone but don’t worry, this isn’t a real mummified dragon. We would never condone the hunting or poaching of real dragons.

This is a prop dragon mummy that looks a lot like the real thing. In fact, if you’re a super rich person with a library or something then this would be amazing to feature in a glass case on a nice pillow…

#15 Dragon Slayer Body Armor

Dragon Slayer Body Armor

Again, we are not sympathetic to the needs of those who would harm a real dragon but if you’re interested in dressing up as a dragon slayer for fun or something, well, that’s acceptable.

Handcrafted from top quality leather (available in various colors), this is the body armor for your dragon player cosplay look. Remember, it’s not likely to save you from the flames of a real dragon’s breath.

Happy pretend hunting!

#16 Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Everyone with a love for spicy food knows the feeling of that second burn.

When you go too hot it can even feel like you’ve got a dragon of your very own breathing straight out of your… You know…

Keep plenty of toilet paper on hand with this dutiful dragon toilet paper holder.

We recommend going with the good stuff. The extra ply helps!

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