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Would You Rather Card Game

Would You Rather Card Game

Take all the brain power needed in a normal game of “Would You Rather…?” and throw that shit out the window!

This set of cards is perfect for the unimaginative, mentally lazy or simply┬ádrunk individual who can’t be assed to come up with their own topics of conversation. The game of “between these options, which would you choose” is a pretty basic conversational tool, especially with someone you just met. You don’t need to be close friends with someone to imagine ridiculous scenarios and laugh about what you think you’d do…

Now, you might think this game being made for ages 12 and up means it won’t work with adults. You may want to reconsider that position because most games of WYR between adults left to their own creativity usually fall flat due to an overestimation of how interesting sexual scenarios are, etc.

Give it a try!

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