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Compilation of Bill Murray Legends

Compilation of Bill Murray Legends

If you’ve been on the Internet any time in the past decade (hint: you have), then the chances are astronomically high that you’ve read a story or seen footage of Bill Murray doing something that proves he’s not only not a huge asshole like many celebrities but maybe actually one of the most genuinely cool people on this planet.

From crashing Wu-Tang Clan concerts to jumping behind a bar to start serving drinks and, of course, the classic tapping a stranger on the shoulder just to say “nobody will believe you” before walking away, some of the stories are definitely true and some can never be proven to be real.

But true or not, nothing changes the fact that the stories are highly entertaining stuff. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story? These are the stuff such as legends are made of and Gavin Edwards has compiled some of the very best Bill Murray anecdotes in this instant classic of a book!

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