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Fart Filtering Panties

Fart Filtering Panties

Now, girls don’t fart, of course.

Everyone knows that.

But if they did fart, then wouldn’t it be great if their dirty kimchi tofu ramen noodle ass-plosions never made so much as a whiff of stink?

Again, we know girls don’t fart.

But if girls did rip awful ass just as much as any big smelly man in their life, they’d probably want to know about a pair of panties that looks like an everyday pair of form-fitting panties but just so happens to absorb odor before it ever has a chance to reach open air.

Naturally, if women did cut the overripe cheese just as much as dudes then they wouldn’t rightfully be able to complain about man farts. Except for the fact that these underwear also exist for men, so really there’s no reason for anyone to ever smell a bad fart again when we can focus on turning the sounds they create into an art form!

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