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Colorful Campfire for Wizards

Colorful Campfire for Wizards

You don’t necessarily have to be a wizard to enjoy different colored flames in your campfire. Wizards-in-training will also certainly get a kick out of it. Really, who wouldn’t have a little more fun with multi-colored fire?

This flame colorant is called Mystical Fire. It comes in packets, which are placed right in the middle of the fire pit and produce various colors in the flames for about an hour. Some say the results are better by opening the packet and sprinkling the contents around into the fire. Either way, we should mention that cooking food over the fire while it’s burning these mysterious chemicals is probably not a smart idea.

Pleasing to look at, sure. Fun to slip into the fire when nobody is paying attention and act like you have no idea what’s going on, so there must be a spirit trying to communicate from the other side? That’s between you and your gods.

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