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Penishand Oil Painting

Penishand Oil Painting

Congratulations, you’ve just won the awareness of this painting’s existence!

Wait, wait – that’s not all. Unlike all those masterpieces on display in art museums around the world, this painting is currently available for purchase and can be acquired at a very reasonable price!

The world of Art is strange.

Have you ever seen the movie Wall Street?

There’s this subplot where the big deal character of Gordon Gecko is supposed to have this “eye” for art that would appreciate in value. And all the art he buys is just the worst. Which, that’s not to say the movie is unrealistic or anything. On the contrary. The point we’re making is that you never can tell.

An oil painting depicting the subject matter of an actual porn parody of a blockbuster Johnny Depp movie? Yeah, that could be the next big thing.

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