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Beer Disguise Wraps

Beer Disguise Wraps

Hide that beer by making it look like an ordinary can of soda!

We’re always posting elaborate “solutions” for taking adult beverages out into the world, sometimes disguised, sometimes not. We found The Wine Rack, The Beer Belly and a bunch of similar contraptions.

But what if you don’t need anything that complicated? Sometimes all the situation requires is a simple bit of camouflage. That’s where these Hide-A-Beer can wraps come in! Check the reviews on the product page and you’ll see how popular these wraps are.

Look at the picture and you’ll see that this thing isn’t fooling anyone with a magnifying glass or anything. Nobody’s saying this is some super spy shit that’s undetectable but if all you need is a little help to keep up appearances, this may be just the thing you need.

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