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Cat Lady Action Figure

Cat Lady Action Figure

Spiderman doesn’t do it for you?

Can’t relate to Supergirl?

Perhaps your superheroes need to be a little less super!

The crazy cat lady action figure is just what it sounds like it would be.

A plastic figurine with positionable arms and legs automatically qualified as an “action figure,” before you get all “angry Internet guy” in the comments on us. In fact, this piece meets just about every requirement of those highly collectible figures prized by comic book fanboys everywhere.

The packaging is a placard backing with a plastic display box, just like the comic book toys.

It even comes with accessories!

Cats, to be specific. And quite a few of them – because, you know, what else would you expect?

So whether you’re buying it just to keep it pristine in the box or you actually intend to use/enjoy it, this action figure is for all you future crazy cat ladies out there!

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