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Fuck Off Sleep Mask

Fuck Off Sleep Mask

You would think that a sleep mask, in and of itself, would convey certain messages.

Like, there is a person wearing a thing over their eyes that is called a “sleep mask so they are most likely trying to get some sleep at this moment in time and I should therefore not bother that person.

You’d think this is what a normal person would infer from seeing a stranger wearing a sleep mask.

Unfortunately, evolution has failed our species when it comes to certain aspects of social interaction and there are plenty of people out there who, for whatever reason, will not process this information through visual cues.

So it becomes necessary to get a little heavy-handed with the message, you see.

More is needed.

A sleep mask with the words FUCK OFF printed across the front should do nicely.

Oh, and make it look like a cat, too. Because nothing says “fuck off” like a cat.

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