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Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder

Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder

Unicorns are magical. Wine is magical. Coincidence? Hardly.

Everyone knows that unicorns love to drink wine. They can’t get enough of it, in fact. It takes the edge off when people are always trying to hunt them down to harvest unicorn spit for… certain types of activities…

Wine holders are a really good thing to have in one’s home because they send the message, “Yes, I enjoy wine. I am a person who enjoys a good time and wine. Also, yes, I’m capable of having a bottle of wine in my home and leaving it unopened for several hours, if not entire days. I am a person who enjoys a good time and wine and at least probably not a raging alcoholic with severe issues that will eventually become partly your issues through friendship osmosis, should you choose to continue getting to know me.”

It’s important to send the right messages to guests in your home.

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