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Skee Ball Machine

Skee Ball Machine

It’s a dream come true for every kid who dropped more than a roll of quarters on Skee Ball at a Chuck E. Cheese – your very own Skee Ball machine!

This is not a “home version” or smaller scale model of a Skee Ball machine, this is the real arcade deal. So if you’ve got the cash to drop on it and the space to accommodate it, you can bring the full-size fun of this game room favorite in to¬†your private game room!

Every crew has the one bar they always end up going to because of the pool table or dart boards or Golden Tee game or whatever…

Your house can be that place because of this Skee Ball machine!

Skee Ball forever!

If it’s been a while since you watched a noob play the game, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of every scene in a movie where they guy and the girl go on a first date to play Skee Ball and one of them has never played before so they end up chucking one of the balls into a bunch of expensive glass or something.

Yeah, that really happens. Make sure you don’t put this thing by anything fragile and important.

Game on!

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