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Risk: Game of Thrones Edition

Risk: Game of Thrones Edition

There’s no RISK of having a bad time when you break out this game at your next party!

Yeah! Nailed that one!

All right, so how’s everyone feeling about this season of Game of Thrones? You all right? You doing good? Favorite character still alive and you understand all this time travel business?

For the record, drunkMall predicted this season would be the best one yet all the way back in April – check the comments – and we were not wrong! Anyone enjoying the twists and turns of all these new developments should have no trouble laying waste to friends and family in a round of Risk: The Game of Thrones Edition!

The rules of the game are simple: you win… or you die!

Okay, okay. Calm the fuck down. Nobody dies. It’s a game of Risk. You know how to play Risk. This is Risk, except the map is Westeros and all the game pieces are customized to match 7 of the most prominent houses from the show.

Valar morgulis!

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