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Reader Ringer Tee

Reader Ringer Tee

Reading. Is. Sexy.

Burn these words into your consciousness at every level.

Consider what is traditionally thought of as sexy on a superficial level – boobs, butts, dicks and titties. It has been argued that our attraction to these things has its basis in evolutionary concerns, the propagation of the species. Of course, underpopulation of humanity isn’t likely to ever be a concern again, this side of an apocalypse…

So you must rewire your biology towards more pressing matters: the survival of intelligence. Make no mistake, there’s a war out there. It’s a war between Dumb and Smart. You may think Smart is winning when you look at all the technological innovation in the world. But turn your head and take a peek at the social realm and shudder at the ranks of the Dumb forces.

This shirt makes it easy to fight the good fight. Starting with an adorably cropped ringer tee appeals to base sexuality while the message READING IS SEXY lets everyone with a love for bettering themselves through the pursuit of knowledge see that they do have a chance!

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