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The Wave Body Pillowcase

The Wave Body Pillowcase

Got a body pillow?

Pretty awkward thing to keep around the house, huh?

It’s some pillow that’s way too long and probably just one plain color, sitting around on your couch. But it doesn’t have to be!

There’s apparently a bunch of great pillowcase options for body pillows out there and some of them even take designs from classic works of art.

This body pillow shows a portion of Kanagawa’s The Wave painting!

Mostly white with a splash of blue and grays , the look is so clean it will fit most design schemes. Which is good, because all you’re ordering here is a pillowcase, so you can put it on literally any body pillow you find and you should for sure get a good one.

Again, just the pillowcase. Check the dimensions to make sure it’ll fit for you.

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