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Blues Brothers Garden Gnomes

Blues Brothers Garden Gnomes

Not many garden gnomes are on a mission from God but these Blues Brothers gnomes are the exception. The mission? Bringing a classic and stylish aesthetic into your life, you cool cat!

Now, drunkMall has featured outrageous garden gnomes in the past, so we’ve got some words of wisdom for those of you considering a purchase right now: Don’t put these in your front yard!

Hell, you might not even want to put them in your back yard but keeping something as glorious as this on your front lawn is pretty much asking for it to be stolen.

The Blues Brothers gnomes are one piece, not two, and hand-painted with an eye for detail – both dudes have their finger tats, Jake’s eyebrow is permanently raised and he even has a cigarette. The piece stands about 11 inches tall and about 6.5 inches wide.

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