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Playtime for Couples Coloring Book

Playtime for Couples Coloring Book

There are adult coloring books and then there are adult coloring books.

This is the second kind.

Oh, you don’t know what that means because we literally just used the same exact words to describe two different things?

Fine, we’ll break it down…

Adult coloring books are coloring books made for adults who find coloring a relaxing or fun activity.

Of course, adults who want to do some coloring could simply buy coloring books made for children and color in those. But the whole adult coloring movement is part of that yoga/mindfulness thing, so instead of coloring scenes of talking animals and cartoon characters, these coloring books made for adults will often be full of mandalas and similar meditative designs.

Kids could color in them too but they probably wouldn’t want to because they’re honestly boring.

But adult coloring books are coloring books that kids probably shouldn’t see because the images inside are all of people fucking each other and things like that. Like this coloring book that shows a bunch of different sex positions couples can try when they get tired of coloring sex pictures.

Get it?

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