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Chiptune Synthesizer

Chiptune Synthesizer

The replay value of vintage video games may have a lot to do with those addictively awesome soundtracks, which you can now recreate at home with your very own chiptune synthesizer!

This small circuit board is a fully functional synth capable of emulating the specific sound of the original NES’ audio hardware. Looking like it will achieve full funding on Kickstarter any day now (and with several successful previous campaigns under their belt), this synth is available with or without a natural wood mounting.

The unit has a standard MIDI DIN input (for plugging in your MIDI controller), an LED display to show you which preset you’re using in the software that has, and an 1/8 inch output for pushing sound. The software has 32 preset patches, 8 waveforms, 8 vibrato patches, and 8 Mega Man II-inspired 2-channel echo/reverb patches!

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