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Heels Bigger Than Your Dick mug

Heels Bigger Than Your Dick mug

If wearing high heel shoes came with an instruction manual, there would be a chapter called Unwanted Male Attention. (And since that’s an accidental acronym, it would be illustrated with photographs of Uma Thurman being a bad bitch.)

The thing about UMA is there aren’t any subtle ways to stop it because many dudes are delusional, creepy or just don’t take hints well.

(This could go very meta if we let it because, right now, there are guys thinking all sorts of thoughts about how they aren’t like that, etc. David Foster Wallace already wrote Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, though, so there’s no need to enter into that dialog here.)

What we can do is shed some light on it (by making this mug our Singles Awareness Day Countdown pick of the day) and have some fun with it (again, the mug).

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