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Biggie Air Freshener

Biggie Air Freshener

Biggie was, is and always will be the definition of “fresh,” so it only makes sense that he’d be made into a baller ass air freshener such as the one before you now.

Hang this guy from the rearview of your car, a pushpin in the cubicle or wherever you’d like a little help in the fragrance department and a lot of help in the legendary merch department.

What scent are we talking about here?

It’s a long-lasting coconut aroma!

But no matter how long that scent lasts it will eventually fade away. And what you’ll be left with then is a STILL REALLY DOPE LOOKING CARDBOARD NOTORIOUS BIG hanging all up in your area like a boss.

Don’t think of this as an air freshener. Think of this as an investment in your future state of mind and a steady source of inspiration in life.

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