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PVC Red Devil Mask

PVC Red Devil Mask

Save the angel act for work. In the bedroom, everyone wants a devil.

Unleash your inner sinner with this PVC devil mask!

Most BDSM headgear covers the whole face but the red devil leather mask laces up in the back for a one-size-fits-all costume that lets you take turns with the wickedness while breathing easy. (We don’t have to tell you why having access to a mouth during sexy time is always a great idea, right? Maximize the number of available holes, people! You can do this!)

The great thing about bedroom costumes is that you can invent a whole persona to go along with the look. It’s like being a superhero but for sex. A sexerhero? We’ll work on the name.

Pro Tip: Let your partner hang on to the mask. That way they can decide when they want to deal with the demon by bringing it over with them or leaving it out for you to see when you get home from work.

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