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Mullet Wig Headband

Mullet Wig Headband

The thing about mullets is that they are totally badass but it’s only once every five or ten years that they become “socially acceptable” to have one. Then the problem there is that it takes time to grow out the “Tennessee waterfall” and jump on the wave of fame, glory and riches washing over every man, woman and child with a glorious 10-90.

Here’s the solution for every weekend warrior out there (or anyone who needs a fast and cheap solution for a retro costume party): headbands with a mullet attached to the back!

Available in blonde, brunette or brown – sorry gingers – each headband is approximately $10. Keep in mind that the only fake hair is the lengthy part in the back. All the hair up top is grow your own. But as long as you can still manage some stubble up there, that ought to be enough business in the front to get invited to the party out back!

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