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Trojan Condoms Dash Button

Trojan Condoms Dash Button

If you’re using condoms, WHICH MOST OF YOU SHOULD BE DOING, then this is a must-have item. Dash buttons are a new service from Amazon for members of their (totally worth it) Amazon Prime service. Stick any of 100+ Dash buttons near where you store the corresponding product. When you notice you’re running low, just press the Dash button to have an order placed with Amazon – it’s that simple!

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Why have we chosen the Trojan condom button to feature here?

Think about it, people!

When do you notice you’re running low on condoms? Right before you’re about to have an orgasm.

What happens when you have an orgasm? Well, if you’re doing it right, you’re liable to forget your own damn name, let alone the fact that you need to order more condoms. Right? Right.

So make it as easy as possible to not ruin your entire life by keeping a Dash button near the rubber supply. It will literally take 1 extra second to push the button. Your partner(s) won’t even know, you’ll be able to relax knowing more protection is on the way and you can get all the way inside, uh, the moment…

Oh, did we mention that Dash buttons pay for themselves? The cost of any single Dash button is credited back to your account after you use it the first time!

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